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Amitryptiline, Seratonin, Epinephrine, and Lipid metabolism

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Sat May 17 01:02:12 EST 1997

In bionet.neuroscience arraton at dircon.co.uk wrote:
> 	Could epinephrine deficiency be caused by
> an intracranial tumour putting pressure on the Pituitary Gland ?
> 	What I have so far is:-
> Pituitary -> adrenals -> epinephrine->Epinephrine receptors
> ->cAMP-> triaglycerol lipase-> FA breakdown.

Here is where it goes wrong: the pituitary regulates the adrenal cortex,
but epinephrine is secreted by the adrenal medulla (inner adrenal) which
is, functionally, a completely different gland (it is originally a 
sympathetic ganglion). So the answer is: no.

> Also a separate pathway from Seratonin to Smooth muscle Contraction.

If you mean brain serotonin: no pathway.

> 	Also, the chemical structures of Epinephrine and Seratonin
> seem very different. Does this rule out an overlapping role where one
> could (more or less) replace the other .

They do not seem to overlap. There are some pharmacological agents that
to some degree affect natural receptors for both epinephrine and
serotonin, but the natural substances do not seem to overlap in function..

Dag Stenberg

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