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alpha waves

Brian Thiel thielbl at primenet.com
Mon May 19 22:09:00 EST 1997

siffert at shell. (Curt Siffert) wrote:

>    [snipped]
>    What I'm looking for is more insights about how these brainwaves
>    work, what kind of treatments there are, what neurological studies
>    are being done, etc.

Any of the net search engines will produce a long list of citations if the
search terms are things like "neurofeedback" or "EEG biofeedback" and
among these places are some that actually have reprints and/or abstracts
of articles from peer-reviewed journals.  Lately, www.metacrawler.com seems
to be a favored one.  It is actually a nice compilation of the well-known
search engines like lycos, yahoo, alta-vista, webcrawler.

There are two professional societies that concentrate on scientific and 
professional aspects of biofeedback in general and EEG biofeedback,
in particular.  Try www.ssnr.com and www.aapb.org.  John Grohol's Mental
Health finder service has lots of references about bio/neuro feedback at
www.cmcc.com.  (I have given all these URLs from memory, so if they don't
work, get creative and figure out what it might be from the clues here.)

Although biofeedback/neurofeedback has a long way to go with the 
scientific discovery process it is widely regarded to be legitimate if
poorly understood.  Research has been published from such places 
as UCLA, Menninger, Teubingen (sp?).  The sort of clinicians who DO it 
could be physicians including specialties like neurologists or
psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, etc.
Some VA centers are doing it, I know I was in a lab that had about 8 
treatment stations last week.

I, myself, am NOT a practitioner of this nor a clinician, but I am very
close to some who do it and I believe there is genuine merit in the work.
Plus, there is almost a complete absence of any reports of harm being 
done by accredited or registered clinicians.  

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