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Monsanto March on Washington: FDA Plays It Again (fwd)

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Wed May 21 06:14:29 EST 1997

Dear John:  Can you put this press release on your network and also see
that Arlene Brecher gets it? 


Dr. Virginia Weldon, VP for Public Policy at Monsanto Chemical is a "top
candidate" to become Commissioner of the FDA, reported the St. Louis Post
Dispatch Monday.  FDA approved Monsanto's NutraSweet, Equal and bovine
hormone, Prosilac, which are under mounting international medical and
consumer criticism as toxic substances. NutraSweet and Equal are Monsanto
brands of the neurotoxin aspartame. The original developer of NutraSweet
was Searle which was acquired by Monsanto in l985.  "If Weldon gets the
appointment Monsanto will have its former Vice President empowered to
bless dozens of new Monsanto bioengineered chemicals and sweeteners.
NutraSweet 2000 is slated for approval in l998 according to 4/21/97
Chemical & Engineering News.  Has Dr. Weldon been told to approve it!
"These job swaps by FDA officials are a well oiled revolving door that
doesn't even squeak, it just stinks", says Betty Martini, founder of
Mission Possible.  "The FDA is Monsanto's Washington branch office."

Monsanto researcher Margaret Miller who worked on the bovine growth
hormone, transferred to FDA and got the job of reviewing her own research. 
Miller increased the antibiotic protocol for milk to permit an increase f
10,000 percent.  Cows treated with rBST require more antibiotics because
of rampant udder infections.  Monsanto attorney Michael Taylor was hired
by FDA to a powerful position where he could oversee the rBST approval

In l977 Justice Department attorneys Sam Skinner and William Conlon were
assigned to prosecute Searle for submitting fradulent tests on NutraSweet.
They switched sides to join the defense lawyers and the case died when the
statute of limitations expired.  On 2/7/86 the Wall Street Journal
reported the probe of these two ex-U.S. Prosecutors  by Senate

Former FDA Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes who approved NutraSweet and
ignored the contrary recommendations of his own Task Force became a
consultant to Searle's public relations firm, Burston Marsteller.  Hayes
was being investigated for accepting gratuities when he quit.

David Kessler, the FDA Commissioner who recently retired when questioned
for padding his expense account, gave blanket approval to NutraSweet even
though it has an allowable daily intake, without public notification in
June.  He has protected Monsanto by ignoring the FDA register of 10,000
complaints and their published list of 92 reactions to aspartame from coma
and blindness to seizures and death.  Kessler refused to demand chemical
breakdown tests of the drug.  The original work was just done by 11 year
old Jennifer Cohen for a school science project as reported in the Food
Chemical News, May 5.  She stored 7 cans of Diet Coke in a refrigeraetor
for 10 weeks which broke down and released formaldehyde and
diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.  The cola was analyzed by Winston
Laboratories in Ridgefield, New Jersey (201 -440-0022). According to the
Food Chemical News the FDA said they knew it all along.

On June 2, l995 H. J. Roberts, M.D. wrote Newt Gingrich and said: "..
Congress must review this threat at a new open hearing (aspartame
disease), and second, it should declare aspartame products to be an
"imminent public health hazard" and withdraw them from the market"..
He wrote on the association of brain tumors with aspartame in a peer
reviewed report in the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Vol 4, Number
4, Winter 1991.  John W. Olney, M.D. made world news when he announced the
increase in brain tumors (of the variety the rats developed 
in original studies) and questioned the link to aspartame in Nov. 96 in
the J. Neuropath Exp. Neurol. Vol 55, No. 11.  As reported by Dr. Frank
Walton on 60 Minutes, Dec 29, of 90 independent studies not funded by the
manufacturer, 83 showed problems with aspartame.  Dr. Virginia Weldon now
considered a top contender for FDA Commissioner appeared to defend the
NutraSweet Co. (Monsanto).  

A demand for recall of aspartame has been issued by Mission Possible based
on the fact that a pivotal study that approved aspartame, SC 18862, showed
that aspartame triggered grand mal seizures in 6 out of 7 monkeys, the 7th
died.  Mrs. Martini says: "I fail to see how grand mal seizures prove
safety!  The FDA report of symptoms list 4 different types of seizures in
the public."  Acting FDA Commissioner Michael Friedman has not answered
this demand.  

James Turner, Washington based attorney, explained on 60 Minutes that the
original studies on aspartame never proved safety and were not replicated.
The late FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress that aspartame
violated the Delaney Amendment because it triggered brain tumors,
astrocytomas (first stage of the deadly glioblastoma now said to be
rampant in the population).  The Bressler Report exposed mammary, uterine
and ovarian tumors.  Rats listed as dead appeared alive later in the

Now comes a translator giving a notarized statement that Searle had
replicated the studies on humans in other countries and that she and a
Mexican physician translated them.  Even though the studies were short in
duration, not over 18 months, she says subjects began dropping out with
astrocytomas and seizures. This confirms the link of brain tumors to
aspartame continually warned by Roberts and Olney. She says the studies
were done on poor people in villages of South America and that the people
were told aspartame was made from papaya.  Aspartame is a molecule
composed of three components:  aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. 
Methanol, a severe metabolic poison, converts to formaldehyde and formic
acid and causes metabolic acidosis.  Phenylalanine and aspartic acid when
isolated from the other amino acids in protein go past the blood brain
barrier and deteriorate the neurons of the brain causing brain damage of
varying degrees, according to H. J. Roberts, M.D., and neurosurgeon,
Russell Blaylock, M.D.  Phenylalanine breaks down into DKP, the brain
tumor agent. Conversion to DKP was admitted on secret trade information
discussed in Congress.

Dr. Virginia Weldon is a pediatrician, and Pediatric Professor, Dr. Louis
Elsas (Emory/Genetics) testified before Congress in l987 that aspartame is
a neurotoxin and teratogen (triggers birth defects!).  If she becomes the
new FDA Commissioner will history repeat itself? "It's the same song in
the same saloon with different dancers" says Martini.  "Play it again,

Contact:  Betty Martini, Mission Possible Worldwide, 770 242-2599

Request is made that this press release be added to web pages and
forwarded to press in every state of this country, and every country of
the world. President Clinton and Congress should be immediately notified. 
Secret trade information, translator's statement and Cohen's report
available to press.

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