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Picture(s) of J. P. Muller, and other scientists?

kevin k-mck*enna at nwu.edu
Thu May 22 05:49:48 EST 1997

In article <5lvmqv$s3m$2 at barad-dur.nas.com>, cook at sos.net wrote:

> I am looking for a good b/w photograph/painting of the 19th century
> German physiologist Johannes Peter Muller, as well as certain other
> famous scientists in the same field. Can anyone recommend a good
> source for obtaining such photos? Any websites out there dedicated to
> such things? Any better newsgroups where I can ask this question?
> Thanks.

Probably every newsgroup devoted to medecine and biology has an interest in
Muller. There is a web site devoted to the history of science at:
It has a long list of biographies, many with pictures. Inexplicably, Muller
isn't included.

There is a picture of Müller (and many other scientists) in the chapter by
Mary A.B. Brazier: Historical development of neurophysiology. In: Handbook
of Physiology, Section 1: Neurophysiology, Vol. 1, 1959. Unfortunately, the
historical chapter doesn't appear in more recent editions. But this chapter
is very interesting and has many illustrations of the major figures.

If you are looking for a copyright-free illustration, then try finding a
copy of his Handbuch der Physiology or its english translation. Books of
that era usually had a picture of the author on the frontispiece.

You may also want to try to find this article (I haven't seen it, but the
title sounds like what you are looking for): 

Hildebrand R,  Sudhoffs Arch Z Wissenschaftsgesch 70 (2): 152-166 (1986) 

Johannes Muller and Friedrich Schlemm, Ernst Heinrich and
Eduard Friedrich Weber, Bernard von Langenbeck and Johann
Christian Jungken in the drawings of the portrait artist J. Kayser

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