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Auditory Agnosia - Help!

Mark Fielker sydboy at netspace.net.au
Mon May 26 04:47:18 EST 1997

Thanks for your help. The au is indeed Australia, we're here in Melbourne
for one year before returning to the UK.

Pyschologist diagnosed verbal agnosia.

Jake scored very highly on non-verbal testing but significantly below
average on verbal. He has a good vocabulary but his comprehension is very
poor. Pronunciation is generally poor but sometimes surprisingly clear.
General speech is about that of a 2.5 year old, he is 3yrs 8 months.

We're searching for info partly to help us understand his immediate
schooling needs but also to have some idea of how much the condition will
affect his later schooling and adult life.

Thanks again for your time and effort, Mark.

In article <5map93$n4q at sjx-ixn9.ix.netcom.com>, flefever at ix.netcom.com(F.
Frank LeFever) wrote:

> Psychologist or neuropsychologist?  Verbal/auditory agnosia or word
> deafness or--??  What aspects of language are intact and what parts
> not?  What were the criteria for the diagnosis?  what is the actual
> behavior?
> When people post these pleas it would help (not just in your case) to
> know where they are.  Resources for second opinions, ressourcers for
> therapy, etc., etc., vary from one part of the world to another.
> Is the "au"  in your address Australia?  what part of Australia?  I've
> been there twice to present papers at joint meetings of the
> International Neuropsychological Society and the Australian Society for
> the Study of Brain Injury, and am confident that between the two, local
> resources might be locatable.
> I'm not AGAINST reading, but it is difficult for a lay person to
> separate wheat from chaff and to evaluate the extent to which even the
> wheat applies to the specific case at hand.
> Frank LeFever
> New York Neuropsychology Group

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