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Sat May 31 03:56:48 EST 1997

 We are trying to help the family of one of our friends. The last fourteen
months our friend has to face a desease that no doctor or medical center
can give a sure diagnosis for.
 We are trying to find a specialized Doctor or Medical center\Hospital that
can help him and his family. You can read his story below. His illness
looks like Multiple Sclerosis. Some doctors (most of them Neurologists)
said that his brain has affected by  Rickettsia or some unknown microbe or
virus but noone is to tell it for sure. 
 If you had experienced the same symptoms and difficulty to recieve a clear
diagnosis  and you had found a Doctor\Clinic that really helped you, if you
are a doctor and you know the best Doctor\Clinic for this disorder in your
country please contact us (no matter what your country is)
by e-mail: vassilis at ath.forthnet.gr
           petzi at otenet.gr
by snail  mail : Fos kai Doro
		 Achileos 3
		 GR-18758 Keratsini

Fax and phone number  ++301 4313786
  We are capable to send (by mail or Fax) more details (test results, etc).
  This time our friend is in a Hospital of London. No treatment no
diagnosis yet....
Here is the story by his Dad :


BIRTH DAY			: 28/6/66
PHONE 			:

My son is having a very serious health problem.  I would be grateful if you
would provide any possible information which could help him.  Thank you
very much in advance for your help.

Past Medical History

Before the following, A...  had no particular health problems. 

1986		A victim of a car accident.
While on foot he was hit by a car which threw him several metres away.  He
was left unconscious for about half an hour after which he regained
consciousness.  At the hospital and after the necessary examinations he was
told he had no serious injuries, only bruises to the legs.  After a few
days he fully recovered.

1990		While serving in the Greek Navy he was sent to the Persian Gulf.
While on board he had a fever of 40 to 41 degrees Celsius for about
24hours. The  fever did not last more than two days  during which he was
unable to get  out of bed.  He fully recovered  without the need of

1994		He visited Mexico for two and a half months without having a  health 
problem.  Also he has traveled throughout almost the whole of Europe.

History of present illness

2/96		A...  started to feel slightly dizzy.  (aditional information from
file available to anyone by request)

4/96		All of a sudden and while he was still experiencing dizziness he felt
a very strong pain in the abdomen and was admitted to a Greek hospital . 
The result of a CT scan in the lower abdomen (aditional information from
file available to anyone by request) as well as other examinations that
took place showed nothing to worry about except a high numberof
triglycerides (1780) and uric acid (15,5).  The doctors  suggested to go on
a diet.  The pain in the abdomen had gone and the triglycerides had fallen
down to normal while the slight dizziness continued.

5/96		He developed a pain in his left arm (in the elbow area) without a
particular reason. The doctors suggested rest for a few days.
After a week the pain had gone while the dizziness continued.

5/96-9/96 	He became increasingly unstable (the spells of dizziness became
stronger and more frequent).  The right hand side of his face started to
feel numb. Later this extended to the whole right hand side of his body.
And his face became more than usual red and little swollen.

10/96		The problems were serious.  His right eye became affected
(difficulty in focusing at the sides) and his speech was also affected. 
He had a CT and an MRI scan (aditional information from file available to
anyone by request).  
The doctor (a neurologist) diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
It was decided that we should go to the USA.

11/96		Stayed in the USA for three months until 2/97.
We visited States' Hospital where a series of  examinations took place. 
His spinal tap fluid studies were within normal limits with negative
oligoclonal bands.
In spite of all this he was diagnosed as 99% MS.
At the same time we visited Schepers Retina Associates and in particular
Dr.T... who after a series of microbiological examinations (aditional
information from file available to anyone by request) diagnosed that the
patient A.... was infected by the
microbe of Rickettsia.
He was prescribed Biaxin 500 mg.  After a month's treatment the microbes
had decreased (aditional information from file available to anyone by
request) and the
patient felt better.  (He didn't feel the right side so much numb, his
vision was better his face wasn't so red)
In order to achieve a greater effect Dr. T... prescribed Minocin 100 mg
but this had negative results in the patient's health.  The microbes of
Rickettsia quadrupled and the patient felt much worse from the very first
The replacement of Minocin by Biaxin had no effect whatsoever


Dr. T suggested the continuation of Biaxin 500 mg three times a day.
In spite of this the medical condition of the patient remained the  same.  

The patient was very unstable (had difficulty in walking), slower speech,
significant sight problem (difficulty focusing), the numbness in his right
hand side had worsened and his face was bright red and flushed (The blood
vessels were visible on the surface of skin) especially after his health
worsened.  Other symptoms were weakness and sometimes developed  a fever of

a few tenths above 37 C.  His mental health and appetite had not been
I would like to stress that in the duration of his illness his
health has been declining.  He showed no signs of recovery except when he
was initially prescribed Biaxin.

A.. is in a Neurological clinic of UK (London).His situation has been
Doctors Declare that his illness is not a MS and that his brain has been
infected by an unknown reason possibly a microbe. A... recieves no
treatment. Brain biopsy had negative results. His spinal taping fluid
studies were in normal limits with negative oligoclonal bands, all
microbiological tests were normal including Rickettsia.

					Many thanks in advance for everything.-

Thank you for your time

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