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Right vs Left Brain & ADD

T. Gallagher hypercog at pop.connix.com
Sat May 31 20:26:28 EST 1997

I ran across a list of right brain vs left brain traits on the web, and
the right brain traits read like the diagnostic criteria for attention
deficit disorder (ADD), while the left brain traits were all the things
ADDer's seem to be missing.  I've heard the theory regarding decreased
activity in the frontal lobes, but not anything about left vs right
brains. Is this list accurate?

Right Brain
   Intuitive: Follows hunches, or feelings, takes leaps of logic. 
   Nontemporal: having little or no awareness of time.
   Random: arranges events and actions haphazardly. 
   Causal and Informal: deals with information on basis of need or
interest at the time. 
   Concrete: relates to things as they are commonly known or understood.
Explicit, precise. 
   Holistic: sees whole things all at one, overall patterns. Leading to
divergent ideas. 
   Visual: uses imagery, responds to pictures, colors, shapes. 
   Nonverbal: responds to tones, music, body language, touch. 
   Visuo-spatial: uses intuition to estimate, perceives shapes. 
   Responsive: listens to music. 
   Originative: interest in ideas and theories imaginatively.
   Emotional: suspicious judgment until it feels or seems right. 
   Learning: through exploration

Left Brain:

   Methodical: organizes information, classifies, categorizes,
   Temporal: keeps track of time, thinks in terms of past, present,
   Sequential: arranges events and actions in consecutive succession. 
   Linear: thinks in terms of sequence, one thought directly following
another. Leads to convergent 
   Factual: deals with details, items, the particulars, features of a
   Verbal: used words to name, describe, and define things. 
   Systematic and Formal: processes information methodically, in a
well-planned way. 
   Learning: through systematic plans

If this list is accurate, is there any possibility that I could be
entirely missing my left brain? :-)


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