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Taurine in hippocampus: localization and postsynaptic action.
Taber KH, Lin CT, Liu JW, Thalmann RH, Wu JY
Brain Res 1986 Oct 29 386:1-2 113-21
Abstract: Both immunocytochemical and electrophysiological methods have
been employed to determine whether the localization of the taurine
synthetic enzyme, cysteine sulfinic acid decarboxylase, (CSAD) and the
postsynaptic action of taurine in the CA1 region of rat hippocampus are
consistent with the hypothesis that taurine may be used as a
neurotransmitter by some hippocampal neurons. At the light microscopic
level, CSAD-immunoreactivity (CSAD-IR) was found in the pyramidal basket
cells, and around pyramidal cells in stratum pyramidale and stratum
radiatum. At the electron
microscopic level, CSAD-IR was seen most often in the soma and the
dendrites and was rather infrequent in the axon or the nerve terminals.
Electrophysiological observations on the in vitro hippocampal slice
demonstrated that pyramidal neurons respond to artificially applied
taurine with inhibition that depended in large part upon an increased
chloride conductance. Although electrophysiological observations are
consistent with a neurotransmitter role for taurine, results from
immunocytochemical studies suggest a minor role for taurine as a
neurotransmitter. In fact, immunocytochemical observations suggested
that taurine may be used as a neurotransmitter only by a small number of
pyramidal basket interneurons, the vast majority of CSAD-positive
neurons may use taurine for other functions.

Neurotransmitter receptor sites in human hippocampus: a quantitative
autoradiographic study.
Biegon A, Rainbow TC, Mann JJ, McEwen BS
Brain Res 1982 Sep 16 247:2 379-82

Interneurons of the hippocampus.
Freund TF, Buzsáki G
Hippocampus 1996 6:4 347-470

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