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> Hello!
> I finished my studies (medicine) at University of Erlangen-Nuernberg and
> now I am working on my thesis. The subject is brainmapping of cortex
> under stimulation with music, noise and spoken word with stimuli of at
> least 2 minutes (not ERPs). I searched a lot for literature (esp. music
> and qEEG/brainmaps) and I did get the impression that there is not too
> much available, especially on Medline (which I am not so convinced of;
> we did not find a friend's article published two years ago (FISH done on
> malignant melanoma)). So I would be very thankful hearing of recent
> research done on this subject. Also I would be interested in 
new ways of
> treating data provided by raw EEG.
> Last but ... I'm aware of emotions connected with listening 
to music,
> for example, I think everyone has this experience, so I'd 
like to know
> more about their influence on the EEG. Who knows where to 
find more
> about this?
> Thank you in advance,
> Albrecht
> albrecht.blumbach at erlangen.netsurf.de

For EEG and music search H. Petche, he shouild be on
Medline which I find superb (via internet). Also look
out for a new book about to be published if not already 
in print: H. petsche and S. Ertlanger; EEG and Thinking:
 Power and Coherence Analysis of Cognitive Processes.
John Shaw 

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