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Psi and Quantum Mechanics

Sturla Molden stumol at stud.ntnu.no
Sat Nov 22 14:21:01 EST 1997

SDWOLPE wrote:
> I'd be very suspicious of any books on the subject since psi does not exist.
> Aside from the numerous failures to demonstrate this scientifically (except for
> some very questionable "successes") Isaac Asimov gave a very good argument
> against it.  Simply put, if psi or telepathy or any of these mental faculties
> were possible then it would be as common and as easy to demonstrate as vision.
> The evolutionary advantage of being able to predict the future or read
> someone's mind is so large that it would easily have been selected for if it
> were possible; indeed, if it were possible then everyone would have it in
> abundance due to Darwinian selection.  Since it is not ubiquitous and since
> even those who claim to have it cannot easily demonstrate that they do then it
> must be impossible.

That is probably true. Also, take a look at the subject header: "Re: Psi
Quantum Mechanics". If the existance of a behaviour cannot be justified
reference to any known scientific theory except from speculative quantum 
mechanical considerations, then it does most probably not exist. Psi
be demonstrated, nor can it be explained.

It is very typical that the provocators of quantum mechanical related
and paranormal phenomena has no or very little knowledge in either 
behavioural sciences or quantum mechanics. 

I think it this kind of theories only proves that there is somebody who
know less quantum mechanics than others. Quantum mechanics is useful
if one is to consider energy levels in the hydrogen atom or perha
in chamical bondings. But not when one studies complex behaviour. 
Of cource also this does ultimately rely on quantum mechanical
but it is extreemely difficult to see the forest from the threes.

Strula Molden

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