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how many neurons?

Ron Blue rcb5 at MSN.COM
Thu Nov 27 15:18:37 EST 1997

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Date: Thursday, November 27, 1997 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: how many neurons?

>Jiri Barton replied to Hannah Dvorak-Carbone:
>> > Even the lowly nematode, C. elegans, has something like 300 neurons.
>302, I think, in wild type animals.
>> If you don't mind answering my next question; what can C. elegans do
>> with regard to intelligence? Are those 300 neurons just enough for a
>> random movement, or can the organism do something more, such as simple
>> decisions?
As a quick reaction without much thought assume that correlational opponent
processing via wavelets is true.  So any neuro impulse would have postive
and negative qualities.  Also assume the minimun number of interactions that
can occur for any neuron is a summation gaussian interaction is 30 (more
likely 30^4 due
to quantum mechanics).  Also assume that homeostatus is maintain as an
average of the range of physical possiblities.  Then the number of memory
interactions should approach 302 ^ 2 ^ 30 as an average.  That would put any
IBM machine to shame.

Ron Blue

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