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nerve message transmission. Help please.

Hannah Dvorak-Carbone hdvorak at cns.caltech.edu
Wed Oct 15 19:22:39 EST 1997

In article <NkGIyCAkjRR0EwTo at satelite.demon.co.uk>, paul at satelite.demon.co.uk 
>Please excuse my intrusion, but I am in need of some basic information
>on the way nerves transmit and receive information.  I am currently
>doing some work on basic theoretical cyborg systems.
>What is the method by which messages are sent to muscles via the nerves?
>(electro chemical)?
>If it is electro/chemical what sort of levels.  I assume the greater the
>level the greater the reaction? 
>Can these levels be measured?
>Are the same nerves used to transmit as well as to receive?
>Any assistance would be very gratefully received

Any fundamental neurobiology text will answer your questions;
try "Principles of Neural Science" by Kandel, Schwartz, and Jessell,
a pretty standard text (at least around here).  

The quick answers to your questions are that synaptic transmission
from nerve to muscle is chemical (acetylcholine), I have no idea
what you mean by "levels" (levels of what?), and motor neurons only
"transmit" (i.e. carry signals from spinal cord to muscle) but
other (sensory) neurons "receive" (carry signals back to the
spinal cord e.g. from muscle strech sensors).

- Hannah Dvorak-Carbone

Hannah Dvorak-Carbone
Division of Biology 216-76
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125

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