SCIENCE-WEEK: This Week's Headlines (17 Oct 97)

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Headlines in This Week's SCIENCE-WEEK (October 17, 1997)

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1. A Conflict Between Seismologists and Defense Analysts
2. An Essay on the Confusion Over Cloning
3. Revelations Concerning Lisa Meitner and the Nobel Prize
4. A Postulate of Possible Sub-Surface Planetary Life Habitats
5. Squeezed Light Experiments Reveal Non-Classical Correlations
6. New Satellite Data Maps the Ocean Floor
7. Gravito-Optical Surface Trap for Super-Cooled Atoms
8. Reversible Metallic State Tuning of Quantum Dot Monolayers
9. Method for Controlled Elaboration of Macromolecular Dendrimers
10. An Unusual Idea Concerning Honeybees and Quarks

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