Salvia divinorum and conscious dreams

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Mon Sep 1 07:06:43 EST 1997

Salvia divinorum is an exceedingly interesting plant misplaced with
the traditionnal "hallucinogenic" plants.

In fact,salvia divinorum is NOT a hallucinogenic plant but an

The main property of salvia divinorum is to induce flashes of REM
activity during waking but without concomittant blockade of motor

This leads to non-voluntary experiences of conscious dreaming or
pre-conscious dreaming.

The effects of salvia divinorum are prominent if a person ingests it
while laying in darkness and in silence,slowly breathing and not

This reminds the exercices which are necessary in order to learn to
enter,consciously,into the realm of

Salvia divinorum thus seems to activate neuronal systems which are
triggered when one enters the REM phase of sleep.

This is of the utmost scientific interest.

Aside salvia divinorum another mexican plant has been reported to
induce short flashes of conscious dreams together with light sleep.
This plant is calea zacatechichi.

The active constituent of salvia divinorum is salvinorin A.
The active constituent(s)of calea zacatechchi are unknown.

Calea and salvia seem to possess some psychotropic similarities.
The combination of salvia and calea might potentiate the observed
psychotropicity of these plants.

Salvia divinorum offers a unique tool for non-experienced conscious
dreamers to see,by themselves,what a conscious dream can be
like,without the burden of a long work with pre-sleep breathing and
concentration exercices.

Calea zacatechichi seems to have a similar utility.

Both plants challenge researchers involved in sleep and pre-sleep
phenomena,like hypnagogic imagery.

They are also a challenge for researchers involved in

These plants seem also to represent interesting tools of research for
physical scientists,not involved in the study of consciousness and
their own self,as they could open for them new vistas of knowledge and


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