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Mentifex AI Tutorial in HTML

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at freenet.Victoria.BC.CA
Mon Sep 8 11:41:30 EST 1997

<H3>Tutorial on the Mentifex Theory of Mind</H3>

  Hearing    Vision    Concepts Volition Emotion   Motor Output
 /iiiiiii\  /!i!i!i!\                             /YYYYYYYYYYYY\
| ||||||| || ||||||| |   T                       | |||||||||||| |
| ||||||| || | ___ | |   +                       | |||||||||||| |
| ||||||| ||  /   \  |   +                       | |S|||||||||| |
| ||||||| || (image)-|---+_                      | |H|||||||||| |
| ||||||| ||  \___/  |  /  \                     | |A|||||||||| |
| ||||||| ||         | (idea)               __   | |K|||||||||| |
| | ||||| ||         |  \__/---------------/  \  | |E|||R|||||| |
| |d------||---------|---+        ____    (fear)-|--*|||U|||||| |
| ||||o|| ||         |   +-------/    \----\__/  | |||||N|||P|| |
| ||g|||| ||         |   +      / de-  \---------|------*|||E|| |
| || |||| ||         |   +     (  ci-   )        | |||||||||T|| |
| ||||||| ||         |   +      \ sion /---------|----------*|| |
| ||||||| ||         |   +       \____/          | |||||||||||| |
<A NAME="AudChan1"><H4>The Auditory Memory Channel</H4></A>
In diagrams of the Mentifex mind-model for AI as shown above, the<BR>
auditory memory channel contains  words  as phonemic strings, but<BR>
not the concepts named by the words.  Instead, a word of language<BR>
when stored in the auditory memory channel  serves as a coded key<BR>
for access to a concept residing in the abstract, semantic memory<BR>
channel that lies on the mind-grid,  in parallel with the sensory<BR>
memory channels.  Note that a phonemic word such as "d-o-g" often<BR>
will exist at thousands of chronologically separate spots in your<BR>
lifelong auditory memory channel,  and that therefore a word such<BR>
as "dog" enjoys the reliability of massively parallel access to a<BR>
once again massively parallel fiber-gang of neuron fibers holding<BR>
your redundant and therefore extremely reliable concept of "dog."<BR>

<A NAME="tubule1"><H4>Say No to Microtubules</H4></A>
Note that in the above mind-diagram a concept is represented as a<BR>
vertical filament or fiber labeled "idea" with various orthogonal<BR>
associative tags branching away at right angles from the concept-<BR>
fiber to associated other parts of the mindgrid.  Only a complete,<BR>
cellular neuron (and not a microtubule within the neuron) has the<BR>
extended length (first physical, thence logical) and the synaptic<BR>
branching structures (associative tags) necessary for nesting the<BR>
concept within the non-quantum-mechanical neuronal mindgrid.  Al-<BR>
though one neuron alone must be the bare minimum for containing a<BR>
concept as a kind of "grandmother cell" (q.v.), the Mentifex mind<BR>
model portrays all concepts only as residing in associative gangs<BR>
of highly redundant and logically equivalent neurons, so that the<BR>
very important massive parallelism of the mind-model is preserved<BR>
within any given concept residing in the abstract memory channel.<BR>

<A NAME="quantum1"><H4>Avoid the Quantum Mechanical Miasma</H4></A>
The Standard Model of the Mind (a designation claimed by Mentifex<BR>
AI for memetic purposes) rejects the notion of mind/consciousness<BR>
as existing in or originating from any sort of quantum-mechanical<BR>
("QM") reality separate from the switching-circuit neuronal sheet<BR>
of the human brain or the in-silica mindgrid of a humanoid robot.<BR>
A concept is not a photonic wave or a subatomic particle.  Rather,<BR>
a concept is the abstract generalization of recognizable patterns<BR>
ultimately rooted in the sensory data perceived by the sensorium.<BR>

<H4>Test your knowledge before going on.</H4>
In the Mentifex theory of mind, a concept resides in (click one):<BR>
<A HREF="#AudChan1">A)  the auditory memory channel;</A><BR>
<A HREF="#quantum1">B)  a quantum-mechanical "QM" hyperspace;</A><BR>
<A HREF="#correct1">C)  the abstract memory channel;</A><BR>
<A HREF="#tubule1">D)  the intracellular microtubules.</A><BR>

<A NAME="correct1">Correct; now please study the theory docs.</A><BR>
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/  URL where this tutorial is active.

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