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In need of a neurochem guru...

Mike Braden cybin at gladstone.uoregon.edu
Fri Sep 12 11:14:10 EST 1997

>	Recently, I went to a concert I purchased this a couple tablets
>called Bliss which are supposedly a legal high. The ingredients of the
>tablets, in order, are di-calcium phosphate, siberian ginseng, spirolina,
>guarana, GABA, L-Phenylalanine, Ma Huangg, Calamus extract.
>	The million dollar question is which of these is the active
>ingredient(s) and I am curious how I would go about synthesizing it(them)

Well, some of this was pointed out by another reply, but I'll go over it
again and add a little more: calcium phosphate is just the filler; ginsing
is a traditional chinese herbal medicine, though I dont think it has any
active psychopharmacological properties; spirolina is an algae I
believe that is used in many health food drinks for an excellent
source of many vitamins, particularly the B set, again I doubt any
psychopharm effects could come from here; guarana is a plant from the
rain forests of central/south america, and has a mild stimualing
effect like coffee, but with a clearer, more focusing 'high'; GABA is the
main depressive neurotransmitter, though as pointed out cannot move
through the blood-brain barrier and I think is easily broken down in the
stomach; L-Phenylalanine is an amino acid that may be a precursor in the
biosynthetic pathway for some neurotransmitters, but you wouldnt feel any
direct effects from a single dose; Ma Huang is the chinese word for the
Ephedra plant, the natural source of ephedrine, a common mild stimulant;
calamus is another common herbal medicine, though I dont know what it is
used for or its pharm. properties.

Most likely, Id say the effect you felt was from the guarana and
effedrine.  As for synthesizing, I agree with teh comment that you
shouldnt take anything you make unless you really know what you are doing.
And anyway, both of these are very easy to get and quite legal (for now,
who knows what will become the FDA/DEA/Media/Politicians scapegoat next).
Ephedrine can be bought over the counter as either a decongestant or
'wake-up' pills.  Guarana can be bought from herbal product stores as a
powder and can be mixed into honey for a stimulating addtion to teas et


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