Diagramming Robust AI

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On 1998-04-01 kochenbu at khe.scn.de(AndreasKochenburger) said:
   :Traditional Forth compilers use only the list head by
   :compiling/executing the header/xt. Thus the programmer himself has
   :to struggle with those damned stacks and each and every Forth word
   :becomes an optimization task.

good design should mean that the stacks aren't a problem. it's very hard
to get lost in a word if it's only seven items long.

   :But what are computers for? Leave the

computers are for solving problems, not for building the solutions to
problems. that's the programmer's job. if you have to think carefully
about your code, you might well optimise it in ways the computer will
not conceive of. computers can't compose new algorithms, for example.
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