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Wed Apr 1 07:57:07 EST 1998

Bill Moyer wrote:
>   It's also necessary.
>   When I was a sysadmin, I had to deal with a large userbase of non-
> technical people who were using computers to get their work done.  They
> didn't want to learn how to use computers, and often tried to do things
> they didn't know how to do and did considerable damage as a result, even
> though they were using supposedly "user-friendly" operating systems (MS-
> Windows in some cases, MacOS in others).  I shudder to think of what
> damage they would have wrought on a Unix or VMS system.

Much less. These socalled "user-friendly" "OS" don't protect the user
from messing around with the system. Au contraire, due to the "PC"
paradigm, they expect the user to mess around with the system, in order
to install new software. The user is his own sysadmin. That's not good
for non-technical users (or any other large number of users) who see the
PC as mere tool and don't want to invest brain and time to learn more
than the things they need right at hand.

Bernd Paysan
"Late answers are wrong answers!"

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