Diagramming Robust AI

Dave Hansen dhansen at btree.com
Fri Apr 3 11:44:47 EST 1998

On 30 Mar 1998 18:19:30 GMT, Dave Kenny <dk at parka.winternet.com>

>Classical software devlopment assumes that all the needs can be
>anticipated at design time.  Using systems developed this way can
>be a MAJOR pain.  Many "GraphicalUserInterfaces" are really
>"CaptiveUserInterfaces" where the user is held hostage.  (I don't
>recall the attribution for this, except that it was from a book
>on the "unix philosophy" or "25 years of unix" or one of those sorts.)
I would agree with this except to note that GUIs are not unique in
this property.  And that, just as it is possible to write a "non-GUI"
that does not constrain the user unnecessarily, it is possible to
create a GUI that allows the user to get his job done without getting
in the way.  The concepts (GUI vs. usable) are orthoganal.


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