BCI Web Ring - Brain-Computer Interface

jgore jgore at ticnet.com
Fri Apr 3 18:22:10 EST 1998

We have started a BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) Web Ring
and wanted to invite you to join us! It's free!

What is a Web Ring:
A Web Ring is a way to join many related Web Sites together
with just the addition of a few lines of HTML code to your Web Page.
A User who finds one BCI Web Page can then click "Next, Previous,
List Sites" ect... and go on to the next BCI site.
It doesn't replace Search Engins, it just makes finding
related sites easier!
Our Web Ring is hosted for free by http://www.webring.org

If you would like to join the BCI Web Ring then visit:

If you would like to see the BCI Ring then visit:
We don't have many sites yet!

To see my BCI homepage visit Project BrainWave:

P.S. I hope you decide to join in the fun!
It's free, it's easy,  and it will help promote 
BCI on the World Wide Web. 
C-ya soon........J. Gore, BCI RingMaster

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