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>I started having grand mal seizures after being exposed to chlorine dioxide
>at a paper mill, and I would like to know if any one here has seen this


But if what you have is like a pulse starting in a rhythm and then
spreading and then going through many areas of the brain and body in
sort of spasms:

Try to stop the pulse straight in the start.
They might take 3-5 pulses before they get real nasty.
If you are fast enough to notice and react you might be able block
If you can subperceive the region take central focus OFF the pulsing
sector immediately.
If it is still increasing anyway, try to generate a highly irregular
counter-rhythm immediately, irregardless if other people think you
strange for it, that is still better than having the pulse detonate
and kill or damage cells.
You can practice that by turning on music and then trying to tap a
very different (non-)rhythm that is changing and has not to do with
the one of the music   with you hand and accompany it with sort of
different "wave-tones" at the same time with your voice, also try to
open and close eyes along with the other one.
Aim is to make very high "balsts" in the cells and nets that are
different than the dangerous pulse  and to that way block it.

But you need to learn to be real fast, so that you can react already
when the first 2-3 pulses are starting. That stuff goes
overload-spreading damn fast, and once it are enough areas you can't
think enough to override the pulse anymore.

If you manage to override make yourself very still inside for a while
afterwards, maybe even several times.
Even just a few pulses can run minor damages, and it makes less of a
headache if you don't use the sector(s) straight for other stuff again
but give them a break or even several.

If you had one pulse going off then it is like having damages skin and
someone touching it: They tend to overreact faster, so it goes off
faster again.

So if you have one, the next one  might not be that far off.
Try to avoid them and to become real good in counter-steering.
If you have not had them for a while, then they might repair more
eventually, the gaps between them becoming bigger and maybe some
months or year being gone or at least very rare.

What I just wrote does not work with all people, just with some.
But maybe try it.

Good luck,


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