electronic flow

K C Cheng kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com
Sun Apr 5 10:42:24 EST 1998

Ron Blue wrote:
> =

> >Since electronic flow has been
> >proven  to occur in the propagating action potentials,  this jump from=

> >node to node further proves electronic propagation in nerve impulses.
> >>>>>>>>>>
> This is news to me.  While there are ionic charges, electrons do not mo=
> from one orbital position of one atom to another atom, as an electron c=
> in a normal conducting piece of metal.
> =

> Therefore there would be no electron flow.  True an occasional cosmic
> ray or EMF might give an electron the energy to jump quantumly to anoth=
> atom.
> These events would be rare.
> =

> I understand why one might think electrons flow because of wave/particl=
> nature of
> the action potential, but this would not be true.
> =

> Ron Blue
I appreciate your pointing out that aspect of atoms etc.  However,  the
photoelectric effect giving  us photoelectricity is the exact
manifestation of electronic flow in a conductor.   This is somewheat
similar but different in a nerve fiber where the underlying ionic
fluxes  alter the course and  speed of electronic propagation.  Please
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