electronic flow

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The resistance in the human body is about 250,000 ohms.   Therefore,
you can put enough voltage and amperage on the body to get electrical
conduction.   The flow of the electricity will be through the blood, not the
True the brute force of electrical current will cause a neuron to fire.
This is like placing a wire next to a line of dominos and running current
though wire causing it to explode.  This pushes the first domino over which
pushes the next over, etc....

The mistakes you are making will be repeated by others so don't feel
at least you are thinking and interested in the topic.
 Ron Blue
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Ron Blue wrote:
> >Since electronic flow has been
> >proven  to occur in the propagating action potentials,  this jump from
> >node to node further proves electronic propagation in nerve impulses.
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> This is news to me.  While there are ionic charges, electrons do not move
> from one orbital position of one atom to another atom, as an electron
> in a normal conducting piece of metal.
> Therefore there would be no electron flow.  True an occasional cosmic
> ray or EMF might give an electron the energy to jump quantumly to another
> atom.
> These events would be rare.
> I understand why one might think electrons flow because of wave/particle
> nature of
> the action potential, but this would not be true.
> Ron Blue
Further, to be more down to earth, let us experience the static of dry
winter.  When we touch something, electricity flows out of our body,
discharging our bioelectricity  in the form of a  "huge" spark.

   Or, if
this is not evident enough,  try using our own body as an electrical
conductor.  By conneting oneself in
the middle of a live wire, one becomes an integral part of that
conducting system.    Electricity flows from one end of the body to the
exit point into that live wire.  Therefore, electrons do flow through
live  organisms, and therefore  undoubtedly also possible in the nerve
action potential flows.
Same website as earlier,  first, respponse.

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