"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

mark kozak mkozak at ameritech.net
Tue Apr 7 17:34:47 EST 1998

Blue Resonant Human wrote:
> chkcorea at ids.net (chkcorea) wrote:
> >That sleep paralysis theory is crap, it doesn't hold water.
> >There are people who are having totally conscious abductuctions.
> >You people just grab any theory thrown at you and run with it.
> >Succubus, incubus, it's old. I'm sick of the same old crap you
> >ppl keep latching onto.
> >The evidence on the side of the abductees is too overwelming
> >and you can't handle it, it scares you, so you throw things back
> >like sleep paralysis and Succubus and Incubus and it's CRAP!
> Oh, I don't know about that, chkcorea (BTW, are you the scientologist
> / jazz musician Chick Corea by any chance?), your approach here
> strikes me as little more than a mundane cross-cultural "MY mythology
> can beat the shit out of YOUR mythology!" pissing match.
> Such is little more than a tired cliche in these groups.
> If nothing else, the incubus/succubus, folklore/mythology approach to
> all this "space alien" stuff is certainly more historically accurate.
> Elves and gnomes -- when viewed through the goggles of Star Trek's
> Jeordi LaForge -- morph into grey aliens while vampires and ghouls
> become cattle-mutilating zeta reticulans when you dress them in time-
> and culture-appropriate regalia courtesy of George Adamski and Gene
> Roddenberry.
> And, of course, incubus/succubus/"old hag" attacks take on the flavour
> of Horny Martian Leprechauns after a hypnosis session with Budd
> Hopkins or Rich Boylan.  We Americans across the pond here often refer
> to this sort of thing as "same shit, different day."
> You may find a few of the following URLs of interest on this topic:
>         "Space Alien" Daemonialitas
>         http://www.brotherblue.org/brethren/magonia.htm
>         "UFO Abductions" Through the Ages
>         http://www.brotherblue.org/brethren/little.htm
>         Brother W.B. Yeats and the Little People
>         http://www.brotherblue.org/brethren/yeats.htm
>         Enoch & the Nephilim
>         http://www.brotherblue.org/libers/enoch0.htm
> HTH;
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Brother Blue,
	I was wondering, too, whether our Mr. Corea is the legendary composer
of Spain and guiding force behind Return to Forever.  He's one of my
favorite musicians, although whenever I put on one of his records I have
to give myself a post-hypntoc suggestion to forget about all that COS
crap.  I do the same thing whenever I pop in my Pulp Fiction vid. 
Chick, John, if you're out there .. wake up, dammit, please.

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