"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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Patanîe Pongpâ wrote:
> Le Mon, 6 Apr 1998 21:02:30 -0600, "mad phat poster dude"
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> >Please see the original message "Abductions" DO NOT exist: They are
> >misinterpreted sleep phenomena.
> >
> >Certainly that is one possibility that can explain away a percentage of
> >"alien abduction" stories, yet there is a vast amount of evidence to support
> >the theory that your argument really does nothing to attack.
> If you have this evidence then why the "evidence" is only in the US
> and not,let say,in Switzerland? I have never heard of any "abduction"
> story in Switzerland,simply because Swiss are more down to earth than
> even the French!
> All these stories of "abductions" started really after the publication
> of the book "The Interrupted Journey"(if I recall)...and Dr Hynek
> going on explaining that "these persons had a very real experience..."
> yes:it was "real" in the dream sense!
> This book was the snow ball which gave this growing hysteria in your
> country.
> >  Think about
> >this way, a large portion of your argument is based on the concept that
> >American cutlure is all Hollywood and we are influenced by that.
> Hollywood has a HUGE influence on the psyche of Americans.
> >  Probably
> >that accounts for some of the stories, when someone is just so desperate for
> >attention that they make something up to get that attention they so
> >desperately crave.  Or a person sees everyone around him/her encountering
> >aliens and just wants to be part of that "hip" crowd.  Can we effectively
> >say that every story of alien abduction should be explained away by these
> >arguments?  The answer to that is a resounding, "no."
> >
> >Your argument about sleep disorders is a good one, it can explain quite a
> >bit.  However, it overlooks certain other physical manifestations of
> >abduction.  What are we to think of the implants removed from people who
> >have claimed abduction?
> Do you have INCONTROVERTIBLE scientific proofs about this?
> If you had I am sure LOTS of scientists woud be glad to study it.
> Scientists are curious people by nature.
> >  How does your sleep disorder theory explain the
> >severe psychosis and prolonged terror associated with some abduction
> >experiences?
> A severe nightmare can give rise to long lasting psychological
> disturbances.
> >  We, as Americans, may seem like a wild and crazy bunch, but
> >most of us are down-to-earth folk.
> Then how can you believe that ETIs just go to America,ignoring the
> rest of the world?
> > Many of the people who claim abduction
> >aren't even interested in the UFO folklore and don't watch the X-Files
> Still this topic is permeating your culture,like the air.
> Why? Because your culture has taken away the myths and rituals which
> permeate other cultures.And huan beings need such things.
> Hollywood has become the national myth and ritual industry!
> .
> >Most of the people who claim abduction didn't want this to happen, won't
> >admit it happened, and live in constant terror of it happening again.  Some
> >have vivid memories of the whole experience.
> A mad man has vivid memories of his madness,once normal!
> >  Bear in mind, also, that these
> >reports have been filtering through society since long before The X-FIles
> >made it's premier in the mid 90s.
> Yes:they started with "The Interrupted Journey"...
> >  If you are going to argue that TV and
> >Movies are twisting our minds, perhaps you should do some more research into
> >history.  If you want to argue that all abduction accounts are the result of
> >sleep disorders, you should probably want to examine how those same sleep
> >disorders will implant objects into the body of the sleeping person.
> Where are these "implants"????
> >  Should
> >you want to argue that Americans are all wired and unstable, perhaps you
> >should meet some Americans instead of believing the media hype or giving
> >into the "mass panic" you claim we all suffer from.  Frankly, I find your
> >arguments to be second rate at best.  Please try to argue your case more
> >coherently in the future.
> >
> >
> Regards,
> P P

	Please reconsider your statement about Switzerland.  I'm on your side,
really, but Switzerland is Billy Meier country where the whole Pleadian
visitation nonsense started.  And what about UMMO?  These two scams have
become two of the central core elements of the Alien
Abduction/Experiencer myth.  I'm all with you on American gullibility,
but the same argument also applies to the rest of our planet to a lesser
degree.  Keep posting .... mk

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