"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

mark kozak mkozak at ameritech.net
Tue Apr 7 17:08:32 EST 1998

m wrote:
> Lawrence R. Mead wrote:
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> > m (mbackues at micron.net) wrote:
> > : chkcorea wrote:
> > [much crap deleted]
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> > For you two crazy advocates of alien abduction, where are the purported
> > conscious abductions and in what medical/scientific journal were they
> > reported in?
> >
> > I didn't think so.
> >
> The only scientific publication I read is _Science_, and no, they don't
> run reports of alien abductions.  I also don't think that abductions
> have anything to do with intelligent non-human beings called 'aliens',
> though I'm not going to try to explain my perspective on this now.  I do
> however have an observation to make about two assumptions contained in
> your question.  The assumptions are:
> 1) Advocates of alien abduction are crazy.
> 2) Reports of abductions lack credibility unless they appear in
> scientific or medical journals.
> Clearly, no respectable scientific or medical journal would run papers
> written by people who are considered crazy, so it is not possible for
> reports of abductions to appear in such publications.  The absence of
> such reports in such publications is then used to support the assertion
> that advocates of alien abductions are crazy.
> A person could call this circular reasoning, though I wouldn't use the
> word reasoning this way.
> ****
> I do concur that many or even most people who are interested in or have
> been involved with 'abduction' experiences are missing a few screws, so
> to speak.  Just as the people who want to get stoned are generally the
> ones who get stoned, the people who are fascinated by or fearful of
> 'paranormal' phenomena are generally the ones who get tangled up in it.
> The fascination itself involves a kind of insanity.  The mental
> incompetence of many of those who have such experiences does not
> demonstrate that the experience is not 'real' however.  This would be
> much like interviewing a few dozen prostitutes, finding out that they're
> not as mentally competent as most people, and then deciding that pimps
> don't exist.  There is of course other evidence for the existence of
> pimps besides taking the word of prostitutes, but such evidence would
> not be found if the possible existence of pimps was dismissed before
> additional evidence was sought.
> Personally, my assumption that pimps exist isn't based on physical
> evidence of their existence which I trust.  I assume that they exist
> because I can predict their existence based on what I understand of
> human thinking.  Everyone has to look for whatever kind of evidence that
> they themselves can trust however.
> Mark

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