"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

mad phat poster dude lahtie at usa.net
Mon Apr 6 22:02:30 EST 1998

Please see the original message "Abductions" DO NOT exist: They are
misinterpreted sleep phenomena.

Certainly that is one possibility that can explain away a percentage of
"alien abduction" stories, yet there is a vast amount of evidence to support
the theory that your argument really does nothing to attack.  Think about
this way, a large portion of your argument is based on the concept that
American cutlure is all Hollywood and we are influenced by that.  Probably
that accounts for some of the stories, when someone is just so desperate for
attention that they make something up to get that attention they so
desperately crave.  Or a person sees everyone around him/her encountering
aliens and just wants to be part of that "hip" crowd.  Can we effectively
say that every story of alien abduction should be explained away by these
arguments?  The answer to that is a resounding, "no."

Your argument about sleep disorders is a good one, it can explain quite a
bit.  However, it overlooks certain other physical manifestations of
abduction.  What are we to think of the implants removed from people who
have claimed abduction?  How does your sleep disorder theory explain the
severe psychosis and prolonged terror associated with some abduction
experiences?  We, as Americans, may seem like a wild and crazy bunch, but
most of us are down-to-earth folk.  Many of the people who claim abduction
aren't even interested in the UFO folklore and don't watch the X-Files.
Most of the people who claim abduction didn't want this to happen, won't
admit it happened, and live in constant terror of it happening again.  Some
have vivid memories of the whole experience.  Bear in mind, also, that these
reports have been filtering through society since long before The X-FIles
made it's premier in the mid 90s.  If you are going to argue that TV and
Movies are twisting our minds, perhaps you should do some more research into
history.  If you want to argue that all abduction accounts are the result of
sleep disorders, you should probably want to examine how those same sleep
disorders will implant objects into the body of the sleeping person.  Should
you want to argue that Americans are all wired and unstable, perhaps you
should meet some Americans instead of believing the media hype or giving
into the "mass panic" you claim we all suffer from.  Frankly, I find your
arguments to be second rate at best.  Please try to argue your case more
coherently in the future.

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