"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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Wed Apr 8 17:24:01 EST 1998

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>chkcorea wrote:

>> The evidence on the side of the abductees is too overwelming
>> and you can't handle it, it scares you, so you throw things back
>> like sleep paralysis and Succubus and Incubus and it's CRAP!
>I agree.  As I indicated, I don't think that these other phenomena are
>what they are said to be either though.
>If it is true that there are few abductions in Europe, I would guess
>that this is because the abduction phenomena appears in some other form
>there, or is hidden behind some other set of images.  From what I can
>see, the influences that are behind the abductions are at least as
>active in Europe as in America.

Modern ET's are very similar to demons, faeries, angels, etc. of previous
centuries.  Europe can hardly claim to be immune from abductions.


The Internet's sole purpose is to get porn and
bomb making plans into the hands of children.

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