Mystery: total insomnia 4 1/2 months

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Wed Apr 8 15:33:19 EST 1998

   I HAVE and DO sleep relatively normally now that I take sleeping pills, but
from the outset if I didn't I wouldn't sleep a wink (this is sadly true).  For
the first month, and even now (although I'm sure I probably have some sort of
dependence that complicates matters somewhat at this point) can't sleep, even
after two, three nights, etc...  Basically, about Stanford, I don't think they
BELIEVED me, although I told them I wanted to be researched, and to prove to
them my situation!!  But every one in my life knows!  Anyway, I'd love to be
studied, because of the exceptional rarity of this disorder, whatever it is.
It surprised me that Stanford (or at least the one doctor I saw) was lukewarm
to me.
   Please post me wherever you want.  I think (I hope) someone will take an
interest in my case :)
   P.S. I've not tried 5-Htp yet, but plan to, since I keep hearing about it.
   Thanks for your reply. :)

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> (Personal reply but I thought it might be of interest to the list.)
> On Tue, 7 Apr 1998 diosa75 at wrote:
> >   Hi. I'm here to write my novel (sorry, bear with me, it's been bad).  I
> > total insomnia.
> >   I haven't slept for four and a half months without ambien
> > with halcion, nightly <snip>
> > Weird, huh?  The neurologists can't seem to figure it out, the sleep
> > clinic (Stanford) basically thought I was crazy, even after an overnight
> > revealing that indeed I didn't sleep, but hovered between awake and
> > drowsy <snip>
> >
> Dear Diosa:
> If you really have had little or no sleep for the last 4 1/2 months,
> your case would be of great interest to sleep researchers and
> clinicians. This makes the apparent lack of interest of the Stanford
> sleep clinic puzzling. I know of only one such case in the literature,
> reported by Fischer-Perroudon, Mouret and the great French
> neurophysiologist of sleep, Michel Jouvet (1974). 5-HTP helped
> somewhat, but the effect wore off. Unfortunately, the patient died 11
> months after hospitalization.
> If you like, I can post your message on a sleep-related list I belong
> to. Possibly someone there will be able to help. Let me know.
> -Stephen
> Reference
> Fischer-Perroudon, C., Mouret, J., Jouvet, M. (1974). Sur un cas
>   d'agrypnie (4 mois sans sommeil) au cours d'une maladie de Morvan:
>   effet favorable du 5-hydroxytryptophane. Electroencephalography
>   and Clinical Neurophysiology, 36, 1-18.
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