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Taking into account, that in the field of cotton physics the problems of
structure and physical properties of living cotton fibers are the least
studies for today, the Applied Physics Laboratory of INSTITUTE OF
ELECTRONICS of UZBEK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES is looking for sponsor or persons
concerned with solving of following problems: -investigations of growth
features of seed-bud's fibers in white cotton and motion of cytoplasm in
them in vivo at earliest stages of growth;-investigation of structure and
properties of colored cotton;-
development of roentgen-graphic method of estimation of cotton sowing seeds
quantity. For solving of mentioned problems at the laboratory methods and
procedures have been developed, which permit to investigate the cotton
seed-buds and fibers at them in living state at earliest stages of their
growth (from 1 to 15 twenty-hours after flowering). First unexpected result
have been obtained, for example, the cyclically repeated movements of
plasmalemma of fibers, which was registered at video-film; it has been
found, that growth of apical parts of growing fibers occurs by periodical
protruding of microscopic section of primary wall; terminal complexes at
growing sections of fibers and spiral twisting of cytoplalsmatic membrane in
the process of fibers growth as well as many other interesting facts have
been established. Certain part of mentioned results has been published in
following papers:
1. V.A.Krakhmalev. Special Features of the Apical Surface of Cotton Seed
Fiber at Early Growth Stage.//Uzbek Biological Joournal.-1991.-#3.-P.59-63.
2. N.A.Vlasova, V.A.Krakhmalev. Features of  Cotton Fibers Growth in
Ovary.// "Citology" Journal.-1984.-V.26.-#11. P-1250-1254.
3. V.A.Krakhmalev. Lightening of Cotton Fibres.// Uzbek Biological
4. I.I.Ramzeev, R.K.Shadmaev, V.A.Krakhmalev. Dependence of the Processes in
vivo on the Osmotic Pressure of Cell Sap.//Uzbek Biological
Journal. -1997-#2.-P.29-32.
Collective of the Applied Physics Laboratory of INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS of
UZBEK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (Republic of Uzbekistan, capital is Tashkent city)
would be glad to collaborate with you not only by enumerated  problems, but
in different directions of cotton physics investigations which you are
interested in.

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