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Mon Apr 6 19:07:56 EST 1998

"John H. Casada" <casada at> wrote:

>What is happening to this newsgroup?  It used to be that science
I am impressed.
"Frontal cortex" to summon up two systems (if not more) and we are in
it, yeah? Wuah...
>Now we have posters "critiquing" science by noting we have not accounted for magic 
I do not think that the criticism is not having accounted for it, but
that you ignore the data of many thousands of years of research of all
countries where the Christians did kill people for using their senses
and where they were used for magic.
The questions I would have would more be which areas of the brain and
body go active for what, and would also have to do with physics, f.e.
which frequencies/fiels are perceived / sent.

>and we don't used drug abusers enough.  
I'd be more interested in those who USE them to study areas of the
And a lot of them do not need YOU to use them.
Some of them know more about some areas of the brain and correlations
between them than you will understand in the time of your life.

>We have people who fantasize about what brains do and treat it like the
But some of them are pretty good in fantazising - so good that it is
congruent with that of others of other countries on another continent
of a different language, and so good, that YOU are slowly pulling up
with their "fantasies", verifying what others have known for over a
decade ahead of you.
And here it is sometimes treated as if it was new.

>For those that continue to post neuroscience, sorry for the rant.  
Guess what any good brainsurfer or magician would call quite some of
the stuff in here.

>For the others, please get a grip on SCIENCE or direct your posts to a more
>appropriate newsgroup.
For you, please get a grip on magic and brainsurfing, or direct your
posts to a more appropriate group, like "Christians against senses of
the devil" or "reintroduction of the burning of witches and others who
use more than five senses".

You overlook that some might have spent some time in university, then
travelled the world a bit and looked at what others teach about (areas
of the) mind and what you can do with them,  and that not necessarily
all see folks limiting themselves to five senses, not understanding
some of the b=most basic aspects about the brain, and ignoring an
elephant standing on their foot becausee they have not proven yet that
it is there and flattening the foot,  as THE great whatever about the
Yet it might still be intersting to keep vague track about what many
different branches of this planet into studying the mind are doing
and to compare results.

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