"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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Wed Apr 8 09:08:24 EST 1998

>  This theory is more than interesting. Yes there are 
>many facts, however there is no "physical evidence", else
>the UFO gig would not be a phenomenon! 
> My theory:
>  With or without Mr. ET, humans have been developing very 
>efficient disc aircraft  since the 1930's. 
>  The facts:
>   Some of inventions of Nicola Tesla technology involved 
>devices that could not be explained by modern physics. Tesla
>was not a physicist and did not attempt to work out the math
>for his devices, but some of the devices that he *played* with 
>IMO utilized Unified Field Theories. There are many books on 
>Tesla technology check it out yourself. 
>   Hans Coler devices from 1925 and 1933, the Stromerzeuger and 
>Magnetstromapparat respectively. Today there is still no answer
>from *modern* science why these devices produced more energy 
>output than apparent input. 

References please? How are these devices made, and have they been

>  The work of T.J.J. See and his extensive work on the Unified 
>Field Thoeries from the early 1920's, that was ignored by the 
>mainstream scientific community. 
>  The work starting in the 1930's and later by Victor Schauberger.
>Schriever, Dr. Miethe, the Hortens, and John Searl, and maybe even
>T.T. Brown. All these men worked on developing disc aircraft. 

Did they actually develop one? And if so, please give your references
and tell us all if they have been verified and duplicated.


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