"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

Jim Hunter jim.hunter at REMOVE_TO_EMAIL.jhuapl.edu
Wed Apr 8 00:09:15 EST 1998

HeWhoGetsSlapped wrote:


> I agree, it's just more widely publicised here. There are constant
> reported abductions in europe, especially england from what I have seen.
> But once again the subjective self-proclaimed scientific pseudo skeptics
> lack the ability to make statements based on fact. It's a matter of
> making up their own truth. Very odd behavior, but once again, completely
> proves the ol' cliche.

Fact. Been hearing lots of noise for a long time about how 
"we the open-minded investigators are gonna show them closed-
minded boobs a thing or two about alien abductions". The clock's
still ticking. Your proclamation just brought your "field's"
rating down another point. The score is, well, I better not 
tell you. It would probably discourage your "research".

 > > In any case, fear and anger feed the problem rather than helping
it.  I
 > > think that what helps the most is honest examination of what is
 > > happening.  This inevitably results in honest choices about it, and
 > > ultimately bring the phenomena to an end.
 > I doubt that just by facing what is going on will make it
 > evaporate into non-existence. But at least by acknowledging what is 
 > happening, something can be done, you can move on from there. Until
 > then, you will remain in a never-ending state of limbo. Do what you
 > > Best wishes
 > ditto
 > bunbury

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