"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

HeWhoGetsSlapped egaynes at pacbell.net
Tue Apr 7 22:55:33 EST 1998

m wrote:
> I do concur that many or even most people who are interested in or have
> been involved with 'abduction' experiences are missing a few screws, so
> to speak.  Just as the people who want to get stoned are generally the
> ones who get stoned, the people who are fascinated by or fearful of
> 'paranormal' phenomena are generally the ones who get tangled up in it.

I've noticed the exact same of those who are involved with the arts and 
even more so of those involved in the sciences. To be able to have the 
will and ability to go against the 'norm' requires your being a little 

> The fascination itself involves a kind of insanity.  The mental
> incompetence of many of those who have such experiences does not
> demonstrate that the experience is not 'real' however.

The truly incompetant folk who claim to have the abduction experiences I 
have found to not be quite common, though they do get more attention 
that the stable ones. I do know twice as many individuals who have 
claimed to have and are involved with the study of abductions who are 
very intelligent, successfull, emotionally and mentally stable human 
beings. There is a stereotype that has been attributed to abductees 
which is based on *faith* and **faith**alone.

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