"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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>>Please see the original message "Abductions" DO NOT exist: They are
>>misinterpreted sleep phenomena.
>>Certainly that is one possibility that can explain away a percentage of
>>"alien abduction" stories, yet there is a vast amount of evidence to
>>the theory that your argument really does nothing to attack.
>If you have this evidence then why the "evidence" is only in the US
>and not,let say,in Switzerland? I have never heard of any "abduction"
>story in Switzerland,simply because Swiss are more down to earth than
>even the French!

Wasn't Billy Meier Swiss? Besides, just because you haven't heard of
any doesn't mean they don't happen.

>All these stories of "abductions" started really after the publication
>of the book "The Interrupted Journey"(if I recall)...and Dr Hynek
>going on explaining that "these persons had a very real experience..."
>yes:it was "real" in the dream sense!
>This book was the snow ball which gave this growing hysteria in your

Not true.  Abductions have been going on for centuries. Even those of the
ET flavor have been going on since the beginning of the century.


The Internet's sole purpose is to get porn and
bomb making plans into the hands of children.

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