"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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>If nothing else, the incubus/succubus, folklore/mythology approach to
>all this "space alien" stuff is certainly more historically accurate.
>Elves and gnomes -- when viewed through the goggles of Star Trek's
>Jeordi LaForge -- morph into grey aliens while vampires and ghouls
>become cattle-mutilating zeta reticulans when you dress them in time-
>and culture-appropriate regalia courtesy of George Adamski and Gene

I think that mythology can probably be very illuminating when it comes
to alien abductions.  The similarities between ETs, demons, faeries, etc.
are too strong to ignore.  However, accepting that it's all the same
doesn't explain it.

>And, of course, incubus/succubus/"old hag" attacks take on the flavour
>of Horny Martian Leprechauns after a hypnosis session with Budd
>Hopkins or Rich Boylan.  We Americans across the pond here often refer
>to this sort of thing as "same shit, different day."

In the old stories the demons were pretty horny too.  Nothing new there.


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