"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

J.J. Gauch Physicsgod at technologist.coOm
Wed Apr 8 12:39:47 EST 1998

Patanîe Pongpâ wrote:

> Le Mon, 06 Apr 1998 18:06:12 -0400, "Lorne D. Gilsig"
> <gilsig at earthlink.net> vous écrivîtes:
> >Dear Patanîe Pongpâ,
> >
> >Maybe aliens just don't like Europeans, or they can't afford the season
> >rates?
> I guess ETIs are not interested in fine French cuisine and prefer
> McDonalds and similar crap...

After a year of dorm food McDonalds looks pretty good.  And fine french
cuisine would probably kill me.  Maybe ET's are intergalactic frat members?

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