"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

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Thu Apr 9 19:14:48 EST 1998

>    "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW
> The Threat - A Review
>  By Amy L. Hebert
>  In Dr. Jacobs' new book, "The Threat: The Secret Agenda: What The Aliens
>  Really Want...And How They Plan To Get It", he indicates that the alien
>  agenda is essentially to breed hybrids by mixing human and alien genetic
>  material and integrate the hybrids into human society until only
>  under complete domination and control of the aliens themselves, are
>  He indicates that the hybridization appears to progress in stages;

	If these aliens are so smart why have they chosen this obscure and
time-consuming,method for world domination?  I mean why screw around with
all of this ass probing and bubba molestation, when they can just make with
the lasers or engineer a virus or something?  

Just curious
Bryce Harding

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