Correction: Neuropsychology / Neuroimmune Dialogue

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Thu Apr 9 23:05:40 EST 1998

In <6gerrn$fvt at> flefever at Frank
LeFever) writes: 
>There were two typos in previous post: /www instead of //www, and cab
>instead of lab in NYNG web address (corrected below).
>For details of New York Neuropsychology Group's 19th annual
>May 2, at NYU Medical Center (CME and CE credits available), see NYNG
>Or contact Dr. F. LeFever     flefever at
>Topics include stress and conditioning, postconcussion syndrome,
>chronic fatigue syndrome, brain mast cells, reproductive behavior,
>excercise, cognitive development (Geschwind-Behan-Galaburda and 
>beyond), and depression--in the context of neural-immune system

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