"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

Dirk dirk.felix at nospam.pandora.be
Fri Apr 10 01:33:12 EST 1998

Don P. wrote:

> My theory:
> With or without Mr. ET, humans have been developing very
> efficient disc aircraft  since the 1930's.
> The facts:

<snip>Very interesting stuff, Don !

> To the ETH proponent:
> Why is it that Mr. ET can develope such incredible disc
> crafts and humans cannot??!!

First off, let me say that I believe in the possibility that aliens exist.
We know so little about the universe and I have a hard time to believe that
our planet would actually be the only one in the entire universe where life
exists. Whether or not aliens are visiting us is another thing. Since there
is an overwhelming number of indications I have, again, a hard time
believing that all those indications are fake, made up, or have some
psychological origin. Maybe flying discs have a human origin, I don't know.
I need proof before I can be sure about something but until now, I haven't
seen any proof in either way. Not that they *are* visiting us, not that
they *aren't* visiting us. So, I'm keeping all options open, including
human origin and the possibility that all pictures and videos are fake and
all stories lies (but I have a hard time believing this last option).Now,
back to your question, I think the answer is pretty obvious. To me it seems
you have a very high opinion of our own race. I don't see humans as very
smart. We only use about 10 to 20% of our brains. Furthermore the human
race seems to be so intelligent that we are very busy destroying our own
planet. But we are considered an "intelligent" race and we were/are able to
develop a technology. But look where our technology stood 100 years ago.
What if some alien intelligent race (maybe even more intelligent than our
own) would have a civilization and technology that was only a few 100 years
ahead of ours ?
We are talking about a development of our species spread over a few million
years. Why wouldn't it be possible that somewhere else life would have
started just a few hundreds or millions years before it started at our
planet ? Or why wouldn't it be possible that they developed just faster
than our race because they might use a higher percentage of their brains or
just because they handled the evolution differently ? If you see what
little we achieved between the first signs of intelligent life and the year
1900, compared to what we achieved between 1900 and now, it's amazing we
were developping that slow. Maybe other creatures just started to develop
their industrial technology a bit earlier and are now ahead of us. While
others might be slower and are still behind us when it comes to technology.

So, now I ask you : Why do you think that humans should be the most
advanced species in the entire universe ?

> Questions:
> What would humans have to gain by keeping this
> technology hidden?

Humans as a race ? Nothing !National Army Forces or governments ?
Everything !

> Even *if* Mr. ET is visiting, I say WHO CARES!
> It is the technology that is important, it is the tehcnology
> that can benefit the inhabitants of this planet, and not the
> facts regarding the origins of man.

One hell of a statement ! So, you don't care about "life" ? Is all you care
about "technology" ?I would be by far more interested in the fact that they
"exist", than in their technology !
Their technology might be important for our technological evolution and we
could learn a lot of it but saying that you don't care whether or not they
exist and that you just want to benefit of their technology in case they
exist shows to me, once again, how un-intelligent human beings can be.
You'd probably kill an entire race in order to get hold of their
technology. That's so typically human : No respect for life !
(I dearly hope you made that statement without thinking about what you were
Don't get me wrong : I do agree their technology would be very important to
us, but even more important is the fact that they exist !!

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