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Thu Apr 9 15:34:05 EST 1998

"John H. Casada" <casada at> wrote:

>What is happening to this newsgroup?  It used to be that science
>predominated.  Now we have posters "critiquing" science by noting we
>have not accounted for magic and we don't used drug abusers enough.  We
>have people who fantasize about what brains do and treat it like the

>For those that continue to post neuroscience, sorry for the rant.  For
>the others, please get a grip on SCIENCE or direct your posts to a more
>appropriate newsgroup.

Replies impossible as there is censorship on this group, which is
wanting that science is right.
Therefore answers which are uncomfortable are censored.

Because science is not right, but the pretense must be kept up, so
that the competition is suprressed, as has been since the burning of
the witches.

Questions like these in this net weil just get the answers the
censorers want.

Science is not right, but a means to help to suppress, of folks who'd
like three worlds and themselves beeng the first.

And of folks who want to be in the frontal cortex or be ever so
special because " of bigger net seize"/

It is intersting how questions like "science right?" show the true
face if the people who run it and their interests.

I wonder how MANY OTHER answers than "right" were censored out apart
from my first answer.

This net is not of true science in the meaning of scire.

Those who are out for knowing do not censor. 

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