Cijadrachon cijadra at
Fri Apr 10 15:24:58 EST 1998

Maybe you ate a few too many of your pills or are some sense-censored sheep 
of the Christians.

Had some psychiatry stuff in university. Some of the greatest nonesense 
babbling I heard in my life.
No wonder they tend to take that long instead of some hours or days.

Your branch is known for taking privacy and chances for a normal social and 
sexual life by force, disregarding equality, still lagging behind the French 
Revolution with lots of stuff, drugging people, causing 
addictions, pushing people into committing suicide and pretending that 
before you did not mess with the person.

The real name of the game is "monopoly".
Of course you love censorship.

Your branch is reknown for that. And many forms of violence and human abuse.

And concerning witches you know very well that they have been killed by the 
systems that you are part of for more than 500 years, f.e. for using more senses than 
the five you folks allow, often being tortured worse than 
the ways you folks today have a reputation of torturing people.

Of course there are still some witches, you folks did not manage to kill all, 
but if you think any real witch is giving someone of a brutal branch like yours power, you must be dreaming.

Your joke an the witches is as tasteless as your branch is.

Be glad you got your monopoly via killing the competition in the European and 
many other countries for many centuries.

If you believe that any of the wise ones has forgotten your ways and is going 
to teach you how to use your mind to abuse people more than you already do, I 
believe you'd have to find one who is not of the branches killed and/or 

I am of another branch, but I understand the resentment of the semi-collegues 
among German witches against your branch quite well.

Witches would not have survived in Germany that long through nearly a 
thousand years of persecution if they had been so dumb 
to teach people like you more powers to abuse.

And, by the way, some of them are still of the old religion and would not 
regard themselves as witches in the way you mean the word, but as the keepers 
and teachers of their faith.

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