"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

Don P. esoxlNeodymium at juno.com
Fri Apr 10 10:48:22 EST 1998

 Dirk  writes:
#Don P. wrote:
## My theory:
## With or without Mr. ET, humans have been developing very
## efficient disc aircraft  since the 1930's.
## The facts:
# <snip>Very interesting stuff, Don !
## To the ETH proponent:
## Why is it that Mr. ET can develope such incredible disc
## crafts and humans cannot??!!
#First off, let me say that I believe in the possibility that aliens exist.

  First off let me say that you either misinterpreted my statements
or simply did not grasp my views. Maybe this was my fault, if so
I'm sorry for not making my point MORE clear.

 As I stated above "With or without Mr. ET...", Dirk I am CERTAIN
aliens exist, I am skeptic that aliens have been visiting the earth.

 Although I am an alien visitation skeptic, I submit, that *if* in fact
aliens are visiting the earth, then they (aliens) have been doing
so since BEFORE the dawm of man.


#Maybe flying discs have a human origin, I don't know.

  Flying discs DO have a human origin, you can be assured of
that. However, I ADMIT there may or may not be flying discs
owned and operated by Mr. ET. Since I am certain that alien
life exits *somewhere*, I agree that there is a possibility
that some flying disc crafts may be of Extraterrestrial origin,
however, I choose to be a skeptic that Mr. ET is VISITING
this planet.

#I need proof before I can be sure about something but until now, I haven't
#seen any proof in either way. Not that they *are* visiting us, not that
#they *aren't* visiting us. So, I'm keeping all options open, including
#human origin and the possibility that all pictures and videos are fake and
#all stories lies (but I have a hard time believing this last option).

 Absolutely, to ponder that ALL stories, etc. are fake is
quite silly.

#Now, back to your question, I think the answer is 
#pretty obvious. To me it seems you have 
#a very high opinion of our own race. 

  Your assumption is incorrect. I believe that as a whole
humans are still in their infancy, and quite barbaric. Looking
at the worlds major religions alone shows just how stagnant the
spiritual and religious beliefs are for the masses, and are 
savage and barbaric the human race is overall.

  However, I do have a VERY high opinion of the igenuity,
creativity, and innovation of humans who attempt to grasp,
understand, and propel technological and academic advancement.

#I don't see humans as very smart.

 As a whole, I agree.

# Furthermore the human
#race seems to be so intelligent that we are very busy destroying our own

  YESSS!! Precisely why I am pursuing the physics of the thechnology
that I believe powers *some* of these flying discs. My greatest
concern is for this EARTH and its inhabitants. I am a tree lover
(conservationist/environmentalist), I respect and fear for ALL life
on this planet, from the cheetahs to the house spiders. The burning 
of fosil fuels and use of nuclear energy must be stopped (among many 
other changes).

#But we are considered an "intelligent" race and we were/are able to
#develop a technology. But look where our technology stood 100 years ago.

 Unified Field Theories, the relationships between gravity/electricity/
magnetism  has been pondered and experimented with since the time of
Nicloa Tesla 100 years ago!  I suspect great advances have been made
in this field (where flying disc crafts is but one application), but
human greed and fear has kept this technology hidden.


#Why wouldn't it be possible that somewhere else life would have
#started just a few hundreds or millions years before it started at our
#planet ? Or why wouldn't it be possible that they developed just faster
#than our race because they might use a higher percentage of their brains or
#just because they handled the evolution differently ? 
  Not only is this possible, I find it likely.

#So, now I ask you : Why do you think that humans should be the most
#advanced species in the entire universe ?

   I don't think this. Matter a fact I think quite the opposite.

## Questions:
## What would humans have to gain by keeping this
## technology hidden?
#Humans as a race ? Nothing !National Army Forces or governments ?
#Everything !
   You are getting close here. Not humans as a whole, not governmenst,
and not the military. The owners of this technology would be the
National Security Agencies and the Big Businesses that control

## Even *if* Mr. ET is visiting, I say WHO CARES!
## It is the technology that is important, it is the tehcnology
## that can benefit the inhabitants of this planet, and not the
## facts regarding the origins of man.
#One hell of a statement ! So, you don't care about "life" ? 

  I do care about life. When I say "inhabitants" I mean all
life, even Mr. ET (if he is visiting). How can you equate the
facts of alien visitation with me not caring about life?? Heck
if Mr. ET does exist, and was hungry, I be the first to invite
him over for dinner.

 Clearly you failed to grasp the meaning of this statement.
My concern is for the technology that will save this planet
and ALL life on it or that visits it.

 That fact that I DO care about life is the purpose and
central dogma for such a statement.

#Is all you care
#about "technology" ?

 I care about finding an energy source through the UFT's that is
cheap (or free) and non-polluting.

#I would be by far more interested in the fact that they
#"exist", than in their technology !

  The facts they they exist will not help the Cheetah, the children
starving in third world countries, and the destruction of the worlds
rain forests.

 The fact they they exist would benefit are knowledge of the origins
of man and could bring about a VERY MUCH NEEDED advancement
in spiritual and religious beliefs.

#Their technology might be important for our technological evolution and we
#could learn a lot of it but saying that you don't care whether or not they
#exist and that you just want to benefit of their technology in case they
#exist shows to me, once again, how un-intelligent human beings can be.

  So, by me wanting to end the burning of fosil fuels, and use
of nuclear energy, so that life on this dust ball last quite
a bit longer is "un-intelligent", than I admit I am one very
"un-intelligent"  person!

  I care more about the future of this planet for my children
and your children, than I do about the origins of man or the 
simple facts or falsehoods of alien visitation.

 We (humans) have an immediate need, and that is our environment!!
You can spend you time dreaming about what it would be like
talking to Mr. ET. I will spend my time exploring the technology
that I think is used to power and propel fying disc aircraft,
be them human made or alien made.

#You'd probably kill an entire race in order to get hold of their
#technology. That's so typically human : No respect for life !

  I would do NO such thing. I don't kill spiders in my house,
or step on earth worms on sidewalks. I certainly would not
consider killing any creature for personal gain.

  Quite the opposite my good man. My respect for the life that
originated on this planet or elsewhere is greater that you
could ever possibly imagine. I just assume scrafice myself
for the greater good (perpetuating ALL life) any day of the
week if need be.

#(I dearly hope you made that statement without thinking 
#about what you were saying)

  I made that statement after thinking long and hard of the
environmental problems facing this planet today, and the
environmental problems we will leave our children tomorrow.

#Don't get me wrong : I do agree their technology would be very important to
#us, but even more important is the fact that they exist !!
  You can't feed a starving child with a fact that Mr. ET

 On the contrary, with advancements and disclosure of the 
Unified Field Theories (that humans have had for almost 100 
years), could be used to benefit the starving child, the
environment, and humanity as a whole.

 While UFO proponents and skpetics quibble over the existance
of Mr. ET, I prefer to insevtigate the human technology that
is used to power such crafts. If and when I get lucky enough
find answers to my questions, then they will be diclosed for

  If Mr. ET is visiting this planet, then great, we need to
solicit their help to benefit the environmental problems that
are facing us today, inorder to perptuate our life and the 
life of any and all visitors.

 If you think this reasoning shows that I "don't care about
life", or is "un-intelligent", then I stand guilty as charged.

 Thanks for your response. Have a good Friday!

Kind Regards

Don Palermo
Investigator of Theoretical Physics,
and Unified Field Theories.

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"Humans have had VERY efficient disc aircraft for 
at least 43 years."

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