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On 10 Apr 1998, Cathy Brewer wrote:

> i have arnold chiari type I with syringomyelia. i was dissed by hmo and am in a trial funded by a drug company. i have an pump implant for the snx. oral meds , narcotics,
> a fellow chiarian said his pain spec at u of penn said snx trials have been stopped in us for it causes paralysis. it is used for pain.
> anyone have any info?
> tnx
> cat
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	I have a friend whose daughter was diagnosed with ACM-I at the age
of about 1.  I stumbled onto a great website trying to find information
for her.  I can't remember the address off hand, but I found using a
search engine and simply typing "Arnold Chiari Malformation."

Good luck to you,


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