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NeuronsRUs neuronsrus at
Sat Apr 11 13:31:25 EST 1998

Regarding selectivity, that's not too difficult when I am browsing with the
Netscape browser.  It gives me more information with which to choose what to
read.  Unfortunately, I usually view this group through AOL, which gives me
nothing but the thread titles.  

While this lets me avoid topics such as "Alien Abduction," it is not that
helpful when the cranks start to editorialize in legitimate threads.

If we do decide to go moderated (which I still support, though I can cope with
the group as it is if necessary), I think that only the most minimal screening
of posts should be allowed.  It would be enough only to limit off-topic threads
and ensure that neuroscience remains the point of the group.

Still, we must be aware that the number of messages that will ultimately be
posted will probably decrease markedly.  The alt.psychology.psychotherapy group
went moderated and dropped from several hundred posts each day to several dozen
each week.  Quality was up.  Frustration was down.  But the overall effect was


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