"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

Norman Quisling norman_quisling at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 11 01:17:54 EST 1998

dgrubbs at u.washington.edu wrote:
> harding wrote:
> >         If these aliens are so smart why have they chosen this obscure and
> > time-consuming,method for world domination? 
> One explanation of this I have read is that they are interested in the
> human "soul," and that their aim is, through cross-breeding, achieve
> such a trait in their own race. [snip]

Okay, so why didn't they just read a biology book and go from there? At
the most, they might have to nab a specimen or two of some creature (not
necessarily a human) to study. Besides, didn't they already get Elvis?
Although, there is some evidence for this cross-breeding stuff. The next
time you see James Carville on television, compare him to the current
pop-culture alien image. Pretty close resemblance. If you added a couple
of antennae, you'd be right on the money. That ought to give the
paranoiacs out there something to worry about.

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