G.H.B + Silicon dioxyde:Potentiation?

Deferr François fdeferr at omedia.ch
Sat Apr 11 12:32:18 EST 1998

Patanîe Pongpâ a écrit:

> >There are some reasons to believe that Gamma-OH(G.H.B)might be
> >potentiated by Si O2 or Silicon Dioxyde.

Which reasons? SiO2 is sand in its pure state, it make no solution, and
this compound don't react with anything (except HF), so i don't see how it
could potentiated GHB. It's one of the most inert mineral staff. May be it
could be catalisate some reaction in the brain, but the body could absorb
in solution only little quantities of SiO2, like oligo-elements, and i'm
sure, the body is saturated with SiO2 (found in vegetables), so why eat
glass. You could break your laboratory material and eat it, the result
will be at least the same.Ok, There are some reason to believe that
Gamma-OH(G.H.B)might be
potentiated by C6H12O6.

To learn more about this,we need more experimentations.

C6H12O6 is found in Switzerland as MIEL.

It is exceedingly cheap...like Gamma-OH used to be before 1968 in

A botle of MIEL needs no prescription and cost about 3 US
dollars for 300 gr.

To buy MIEL write to the company which produces it:

Honey Production
Pierre Ritner
Les chalets
1870 Monthey (Switzerland)

C à contrecoeur

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