Alien Abductions

Lee Merkel merkel at
Sun Apr 12 10:52:37 EST 1998

 Occam's razor, tremendously rusty from being over-used, gets
 worn out completely when people attempt to apply it to the many
 many thousands of reported cases of such abductions. Then it just
 become's Occam's Metal Shield to Protect the Cherished Beliefs
 of the Razor Clutcher.

  -- Lee Merkel
   I knew Occam. Occam was a friend of mine.  He never shaved.

SW wrote:

> TJ wrote:
> >
> > I have vague memories of an abduction when I was younger.  I think my
> > mind has blocked it all because it was too traumatic.  What I do
> > remember are the long glistening fingers that slid across my chest as I
> > lay on a cold sterile table.  And the bright lights.  Nothing more.
> Using Occam's Razor the two most likely explanations for your vague,
> haunting memories are :
> (1) Recall of a particularly disturbing and vivid dream you had when
> young. Perhaps inspired by a disturbing film or television programme
> depicting medical operations that you may have seen a bit of and it
> stuck in your mind.
> (2) Recall of a visit to hospital or the doctor's surgery for a
> check-up, or even the dentist when you were very young that you found
> strange and disturbing. Elements of the experience may have stuck in the
> back of your mind. I wonder, what are your feelings today when you have
> to visit the dentist or the doctor?
> Believe me these are much more likely explanations than abduction by
> alien beings.
> Stephen Walsh


  Lee Merkel
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      decision or postulate to dissolve the physical universe. In
      short order, I ended up on Long Island."
        -- Peter Moon, "Encounter in the Pleiades," page 191.

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