"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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Sun Apr 12 09:19:59 EST 1998

patanie at hotmail.com (Patanîe Pongpâ) wrote:
>There is a HUGE difference between Flying Saucers(or:M.O.C)in Europe
>and in the United-States.
>In Europe we have nearly no reports of the so-called "abductions".

So, your abduction victims stay in the closet?

>The reason is essentially cultural because "abductions" have been
>created by a money oriented society which sells anything which can be
>swallowed by millions of gullible Americans.

Or because Americans are the most advanced culture on earth, so the 
aliens would naturally be most interested in us.

>There are many scientific reasons which preclude such things as
>abductions by ETI(Extraterrestrials)but these reasons are too complex
>to discuss here and,whatever their rationality,they would not convince
>the purported "abductees" to believe in their fairy tales anyhow.

And because they are balarny. COP-OUT ALERT ! ! !

>Succubus and incubus have been the historical ancestors of modern days
>The first scientist who suggested that many of the
>"close-encounters",etc,with M.O.C were related to dream and sleep was
>astrophysicist Dr Jean-Pierre Guérin of the Institut
>d'Astrophysique,boulevard Arago,Paris,France,in the I970's.
>As a proficient "conscious dreamer" I have been able to observe,in
>states which are intermediates between the waking state and
>sleep,consciouness states which could,easily,be misinterpreted by
>laymen full of Flying Saucers ideas in their head as anything

And you have vidio taped your altered states?

>Such states of consciousness involve the blockade of motor efferents
>with a partial awakening.

Yeah, we know all about sleep paralysis.

>When we sleep and dream our CNS blocks motor efferents so we are
>prevented to experience what we experience in the
>dream(endoreality)within exoreality.
>For example,if I am walking in a dream the motor zones of my CNS which
>activate my legs are as fully active as if I were awake.
>To prevent me from walking while sleeping(a potentially catastrophic
>thing!)evolution has invented a neural mechanism(which I call the
>S.B.E.M)which blocks motor efferents.
>This has been well studied and delineated by the famous sleep
>researcher,Dr Jouvet,in Lyon,France.
>It happens,sometimes,that we wake up while the SBEM is still active
>and not disconnected.
>The result of this is that we regain a complete or more or less
>complete awareness of reality while we are completely paralysed in our
>This experience is often anxiogenic.
>For example I can "wake up" while still feeling paralysed and
>experience auditory or visual dream hallucinations related to my fear.
>For example once I walked up but still was paralysed and I "heard"
>"someone" opening my door and I could feel the "presence" of the
>"intruder" just next to the door(typical oneiric experience,by the
>As I was not totally awake I was convinced someone had opened the door
>and would come to us(my wife and I)to harm us.
>So I shouted in the dream because I knew I was paralysed and I wanted
>to totally wake up.
>My voice could nearly not go out as I felt my mouth also paralysed.
>Then,finally,I woke up!
>And,of course,nobody had entered our appartment!
>It was only a half-dream.
>When you are in this kind of state the fear
>brings,AUTOMATICALLY,memories of what you fear...
>So if you are ruminating about M.O.C then you might very well dream
>your flying saucer and its ETI !!!

Yep, and if you have a severe nose bleed and new scoop marks on your 
flesh, then you were likely an abductee.

>It is as simple as that.

Yup, it's as simple as that. Ignore mentally programmed professionals and 
believe the evidence, which they steadfastly refuse to look at.

>What has made this sleep phenomenon an irrational debacle is the
>generally low level of education of average citizens in the
>US,combined with a high degree of gullibility and naivete,all this
>flavoured with these stupid histories of "ufonauts" tales,books,etc.

Yep, that's why we are the only ones with a steady-state space program. 
The only ones that can produce the latest pentium processors. The ones 
with the most advanced military hardware on earth.

A typical mentally programmed professional speaking, folks.

>Certainly if the media would have not publicised this
>misinterpretation and fuel it with absolutey grotesque movies,such as
>the "X-Files",and similar series made for 7 years old kids,then we
>would not have this "abduction" hysteria in the US !

We don't have any hysteria. We have emerging determination to find a 
solution. Instead of burying our heads in the sand and hoping it will go 

So, where are you from, anyway?

>We do not have "abductions" in France or nearly none!

Oh, France. The land of the lovers instead of the warriors. That funny 
looking fella that visited you last night was just another of your 
paramours, don't you know.

>Not because the ETI like to abduct US citizens and not French but
>because our culture is different,less hollywoodian,more on the

And because you guys are used to sleeping with your eyes tightly closed 
,just in case something happens you want to deny.

>French are more down to earth,less gullible,and not so much prone to
>mass hysteria!
>So,M.O.C,that is Flying Saucers,do not come and "abduct" French while
>they sleep!!!!

However, if you fellas could develop your own tech instead of stealing 
tech from the US, the aliens might have more interest. Ya know, since WW 
I France has been a suburb of the US anyway. Your 'eyes-closed' mind set 
was present and accounted for as far back as that.

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