"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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Sun Apr 12 22:11:29 EST 1998

"Osvaldo Santos" <mop13118 at mail.telepac.pt> wrote:
>> >The reason is essentially cultural because "abductions" have been
>> >created by a money oriented society which sells anything which can be
>> >swallowed by millions of gullible Americans.
>> Or because Americans are the most advanced culture on earth, so the 
>> aliens would naturally be most interested in us.
>Some Americans... a few Americans :)
>> >What has made this sleep phenomenon an irrational debacle is the
>> >generally low level of education of average citizens in the
>> >US,combined with a high degree of gullibility and naivete,all this
>> >flavoured with these stupid histories of "ufonauts" tales,books,etc.
>> Yep, that's why we are the only ones with a steady-state space program. 
>> The only ones that can produce the latest pentium processors. The ones 
>> with the most advanced military hardware on earth.
>1) The NASA folks don't believe abductions

At least that's what they say publically. I've talked to some personally.

>2) The people who created Pentium Processors don't believe abductions

Have you talked to any? I dare say not. I have. I have made pentium 

>3) What is your colaboration for Americas advanced tecnology? I bet NONE!

I don't understand the question.

>Get a life.

See, you are talking out of the top of your hat. It makes you no 
difference, as long as you are not personally abducted.

However, I am putting Warp birds in the air. I have to worry about 
pre-existing 'traffic' laws. I have to worry about who is going to feel 
threatened and start shooting.

I watch the patterns of actions and reactions that I have access to, and, 
using statistical analysis, create probability charts. These I use to 
guess the most successful political path to trod.

My technology is the most likely technology on earth to draw the most 
unwelcome attention. I have to prepare for the worst case but be ready to 
take advantage of all opportunities that may appear.

I have a life. My life is creating Star Ship Interprise, out of concrete, 
and setting up passanger and freight lines out to the outer planets and 

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